A sedentary lifestyle causes muscle imbalances. Prolonged sitting leads to the shortening or tightening of muscles i.e. the hip flexors, and spinal extensors, quadratus lumborum, upper trapezius muscles, neck extensors, and chest muscles. The repetitive shortening of these muscles during prolonged sitting then causes weakness in all of the opposite or antagonists of these muscles. Tight hip flexors cause weak glute muscles, tight spinal extensors create weak abdominal muscles, and so on. Muscle weakness and tightness causes injury.

Because sitting leads to tight hips and tight upper backs many golfers will compensate with their low back. Instead of getting the mobility for the golf swing from the hips and upper spine (which is correct), the mobility is gotten from the low back which is not meant to be mobile, it is meant to be stable. Repetitive compensation and dysfunction causes injury.

If your hips and upper back are limited in mobility it is impossible for you to maintain your posture throughout the golf swing. According to Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), loss of posture is “any significant alteration from the body’s original set up angles during the golf swing”. TPI also reports that 64% of amateur golfers demonstrate this incorrect swing characteristic.

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