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Creating a diverse and fun, community yoga and physical therapy center that focuses on wellness and injury prevention

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I’ve used both the Yoga studio and Physical Therapy! Both are fabulous! The Yoga studio offers so many versions and time slots and I love the environment. Physical Therapy with Melissa is great too. I ran for so many years and Melissa helped me with my knee and neck pain. I highly recommend Melissa Barrett Physical Therapy.

“I was a client of Melissa’s and by far she is the most competent physical therapist I have met. She is personable and focuses all of her attention on her clients. She has a great sense of humor as well. Recommend her highly!!!”

Christina M.

Melissa has helped me over the past several months following an injury with physical therapy, flexibility, and mobility training. She is highly professional and has the ability to communicate unfamiliar concepts in a way that I can understand and act upon. My pain has decreased almost to zero, my flexibility and mobility are improved, and I feel a whole lot better!

Fred S.

Melissa is not only professional, knowledgeable, and a fantastic PT but also kind and caring. One more thing, Melissa is an awesome yoga instructor too!