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Currently, the Yoga studio is closed but our  physical therapy is currently open

Please check back soon for virtual classes 


At MBPT, we focus on improving mobility, strength, and balance while relieving stress and anxiety and improving sleep.


Titleist Performance Institute golf assessments can identify areas of the body that need improvement to prevent golf specific injuries and to help improve distance.

Physical Therapy

One on one, hands-on treatments by a Doctor of Physical Therapy to help you recover from surgery, an injury, or improve athletic performance.


To create a diverse and fun, community yoga and physical therapy center that focuses on wellness and injury prevention (while playing music at all times)! It is my goal to offer yoga classes and provide access to quality physical therapy to promote wellness and health.

I also provide Titleist Performance Institute assessments and treatments to decrease golf injuries and increase distance!


All classes are $20.00

5 Class Package – $85.00
10 Class Package – $150.00
20 Class Package – $275.00

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